AKT's production facility in Florida offers quick shipping and great quality prints! Our global partners in Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia help us to make sure all your worldwide merchandising needs are taken care of!

Art, Passion & Productivity

AKT's experienced production staff eat, sleep, & breathe screen printing. Their attention to detail and respect for their craft ensure your product is delivered on time and is of the utmost quality. 



Unique & Custom Products

AKT is also able to manufacture almost anything you can think of, from custom outerwear, jewelry, tents, stickers, signs, and other promotional items.

Our team helps you take each product idea through the various stages of production, concept to completion.

If you have an idea for a product, we can get it made!


For our entertainment industry clients, we offer tour and live event merchandising services to help take your merchandising process to the next level:

  • Seasoned Touring Personnel
  • Inventory Management and Projection
  • Product Sales Analytics
  • Merchandise Booth Display
  • Settlement & Accounting Services
  • Soundscan Submission & Reporting