Alex Tchekmeian

Founder, CEO


Alex has combined his entertainment and music background with his entrepreneurial spirit to find success in a wide range of business ventures. 

Tchekmeian's drive and ambition led to the founding of AKT, a flourishing enterprise comprised of multiple brands catering to the merchandising and design industries. 

Alex and AKT have been recognized by publications such as Inc Magazine, Business Week, Orlando Business Journal and Chicken Soup For The Soul. 

Jared Mendelewicz

Founder, CBO


Jared co-founded AKT in 2004 and has played an integral role in the company's incredible growth over the last fifteen years. 

Through managing AKT's operations, branding & application design for almost ten years, Jared now focuses to harness the power of the 100+ employee enterprise to maximize efficiency, sales & client experience. 

Jared has spoken to students at Full Sail University, Appalachian State University, University of Florida & Florida International University. 

Grant Tchekmeian



Working in the music industry and playing in bands for almost twenty years, Grant may have been responsible for inspiring Alex to create the music that led to the foundation of AKT. 

Grant designed, built & sold AKT's 1982 Bar, a Gainesville live music venue. He created AKT's sales team in 2008, increasing revenue by over five million dollars in just under three years. 

As COO, Grant is consistently fine-tuning the company's resources across multiple brands to maintain the growth of the enterprise.