We offer vertically integrated e-commerce fulfillment, web store management and customer service. Our secure online store sells apparel, t-shirts, hoodies, and other products for bands, clothing companies, record labels & more. District Lines is our streamlined and proprietary e-commerce brand & platform.  


Hands-On Help

You get a dedicated account representative to handle the day to day needs of your account. Your account representative is your primary contact when it comes to your District Lines store's new products, marketing and branding. This person is here to make your life easier!


Pick, Pack, & ship

Our team can you help you monitor sales volume and project future inventory needs. We pick, pack, & ship all web store orders from our headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

District Lines ships orders to the most popular countries in the world. We monitor online credit card fraud trends closely to reduce unecessary refunds and chargebacks. 

Customized Stores

We build & themes a web store that matches your branding. We handle all payment processing, product changes, & inventory management.

We also offer white-labeled stores for customers seeking a more seamless integration into their brand's web presence.

Limited/Flash sales

We build & theme a single-product page featuring your limited edition product and a large count down to create a sense of urgency amongst buyers.

Unlike our competitors, your limited edition page links back to your primary store (and vise versa) to generate revenue per customer.


crowd-funding Fulfillment

The last thing you want to worry about after a successful crowd-funding campaign is printing and shipping merchandise. Let AKT do all of the heavy lifting for you!


YouTube Verified

Did you know that YouTube only lets video cards & annotations link out to approved merchandisers? DistrictLines.com is one of only a few providers that YouTube trusts with this direct linking. That means more traffic to your store and conversions for your brand! 

Customer Service 

We pride ourselves on offering creative and unique customer service. Read more about our customer service mantra, "Always Draw the Giraffe."

In addition to authentic and helpful customer service, our support agents consistently curate our ever-growing FAQ page, respond to telephone & email support inquiries five days a week, and monitor and reply to customer issues on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.

We also handle all returns, exchanges, refused mail, & return-to-sender packages.


Using our proprietary vendor portal, you can view 24/7 online access to sales reports, inventory levels, customer geographic data, & customer email addresses.

Facebook store tab

To help keep your merchandise in front of your fans, we offer an easy-to-install Facebook store you can activate from your vendor portal.

We work with you to create a customized promotional plan catered to your audience complete with discount codes, images, and text that are optimized for sharing online!

We also brainstorm social media contests to help you raise awareness of your merchandise, increase sales, and even coordinate targeted email newsletters.